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Exit for SSATB - by Brian C. Chamberlain - Nobridantes.com

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Piece Name: Exit  
Status: Complete
NN: 6
Instrumentation: SSATB
Multi Mvt: No
Started on: 2000-10-15
Complete on: 2002-02-03
Pages: 7
Comments: Words by Brian C. Chamberlain, (C) 2000 - All Rights Reserved
Exit to nothing,
Cried all night.
Existing nuances will be returned.
Create good spirits,
and take them away,
remove them from this world.
Cannot decide on the next,
freeing all but you.
Breaking us all in order.
Melting into the walls,
inside the corner of your mind.
Can you feel me?
Feel me inside you?
It was meant to be,
all of us all alone.
It took years to get it.
And seconds to throw it away.
Look at me!
Pretending I'm not alone.
Wed Aug 23 21:34:17 2006
Revision Notes: Wed Aug 23 21:33:56 2006
This piece will have to be revised. I did not know that much about syllables and stuff like that back when I wrote it. The music will remain the same though.
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