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Chasing the Storm for Solo Guitar - by Brian C. Chamberlain - Nobridantes.com

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Piece Name: Chasing the Storm  
Status: Complete
NN: 9
Instrumentation: Solo Guitar
Multi Mvt: Yes
Mvt Names: I. Alone
II. Falling
III. The Chase
IV. The Storm
V. Devastation
Started on: 1999-06-15
Complete on: 2002-04-27
Premiered: Yes
Premiered on: 2003-04-24
Premiered at: Kennesaw State University
Premiere performer(s): Jonathan Dotson
Pages: 11
Recording Avail: Yes
Revision Notes: Thu 20 Nov 12:00:00 2003
Dropped some bass notes in Falling, to make it easier for the performer. Also slowed the tempo to 85 instead of 96. Slower tempo gives more time for the chords to breathe, and more time for the listener to absorb the harmonies. Also added some slides in M 35 & 46.
Sun 4 Apr 12:00:00 2004
Rewrote the middle section of "IV. The Storm" to make it an easier arpeggio. Now it is a right hand arpeggio, instead of a sweep arpeggio. This fattened up the texture of the movement as well. Will post that up here later.
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