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Thursday Mourning for Solo Guitar - by Brian C. Chamberlain - Nobridantes.com

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Piece Name: Thursday Mourning  
Status: Complete
NN: 11
Instrumentation: Solo Guitar
Multi Mvt: Yes
Mvt Names: I. Prelude
II. Waltz
III.Chorale Fantasy
Started on: 2002-10-17
Complete on: 2003-10-19
Premiered: Yes
Premiered on: 2003-04-04
Premiered at: Kennesaw State University
Premiere performer(s): Brandon Petherick
Pages: 3
Recording Avail: Yes
Revision Notes: Tue Mar 30 20:58:12 2004
Changed the Waltz beginning and end A sections to e minor instead of f# minor, makes the movement much easier to play, and adds a better contrast to the A and B sections. The B section will stay in f# minor.
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