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Lost Hollow Road for Flute and Guitar Duet - by Brian C. Chamberlain - Nobridantes.com

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Piece Name: Lost Hollow Road  
Status: Complete
NN: 15
Instrumentation: Flute and Guitar Duet
Multi Mvt: Yes
Mvt Names: I. Glimpses
II. Shadows
III. Reflections
Started on: 2003-10-27
Complete on: 2004-03-22
Premiered: Yes
Premiered on: 2007-11-30
Premiered at: Florence Kopleff Recital Hall - Georgia State University
Premiere performer(s): Nicole Randall - Flute
Brian Chamberlain - Guitar
Pages: 8
Recording Avail: Yes
PDF Price: $8.95
Comments: Wed Oct 10 08:52:00 2007
This piece was commissioned by and dedicated to Nicole Randall
Revision Notes: Wed Oct 10 08:50:00 2007
I decided to rework this piece. It is now renamed from "... in the Mist" to "Lost Hollow Road."
It now will have 3 movements. I don't know what they will be called yet though.
Wed Nov 21 08:54:30 2007
The movements are now named and I kept the title for the 2nd and 3rd movements. The
first movement is now called Glimpses. I think the movement names illustrate the meaning
of the piece quite well.
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