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Slipping on the Edge of Loss for Piano Solo - by Brian C. Chamberlain - Nobridantes.com

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Piece Name: Slipping on the Edge of Loss  
Status: Complete
NN: 35
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
Multi Mvt: Yes
Mvt Names: I. Prelude
II. Allegro Animato
Started on: 2006-08-06
Complete on: 2008-02-04
Premiered: Yes
Premiered on: 2010-05-02
Premiered at: Georgia State University, Kopleff Recital Hall
Premiere performer(s): James Walker
Pages: 12
Recording Avail: Yes
PDF Price: $8.00
Comments: Mon Jul 9 20:58:18 2007
Finished the Prelude today. Will be starting the 2nd and 3rd mvts soon.
Mon Feb 4 19:56:07 2008
Finished the second movement today. I have decided to make this a two movement
piece. It is clocking in at just about 7 minutes.
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